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The world is rich with opportunities for international students seeking a global education. At GlobeKard, we open doors to renowned universities across the most sought-after study abroad destinations.

About Us

At GlobeKard, our student-centric mission is to make international education accessible and empowering. For over a decade, we have guided thousands of Indian candidates in realizing their study abroad dreams through our expertise, global university network and personalized guidance.

We take you from research to application to departure – our comprehensive assistance covers every step of your overseas journey. Our counsellors help you navigate options across 31 countries based on your academic interests, career goals and lifestyle needs. With relationships with over 700 leading institutions worldwide, we open doors to globally recognized degrees, innovative research, cutting-edge facilities and diverse perspectives.

We are driven by our commitment to make study abroad a viable reality for all deserving students regardless of financial constraints. Our services are completely free, as your brighter future is our greatest reward. Join our extensive community of international graduates and let us help you access the immense potential of global education. The world can be your campus – your global journey begins with us!

Your Global Future Starts Here

Dreaming of pursuing your degree overseas and having a truly global experience? Look no further! At GlobeKard, we have supported thousands of students in making their study abroad aspirations a reality. With our global expertise, extensive university partnerships, and personalized guidance every step of the way, we empower you to unlock your full potential through international education. We’re committed to helping you find the right program, in the perfect destination, that aligns with your academic interests and career ambitions. Don’t just dream of a bright global future – our experienced consultants will assist you in living it. Your journey starts here.

Discover Your Ideal Study Abroad Destination

USA – The World’s Top Study Destination

With more top globally ranked universities than any other country, the United States is the pinnacle for higher education and research excellence.

Pursuing your degree in the US gives you access to world-class academics, cutting-edge facilities, innovative research and a culture of creativity. Study alongside Nobel laureates and leading experts while gaining international perspectives.

Why Study in the USA

  • Home to over 25% of the world’s top 100 universities
  • Over 1 million international students from over 200 countries
  • Generous post-study work visas up to 3 years for STEM programs
  • Paid internships up to 12 months allowed while studying
  • A diverse range of merit-based and need-based scholarships

Discover the immense opportunities a US education can offer. Let us guide you in choosing the right program and university to launch your global future.

Canada – The Student-Friendly Choice

With some of the world’s best universities, an unmatched quality of life and a welcoming multicultural environment, Canada is a dream study destination.

Pursuing your degree in Canada provides access to cutting-edge research, hands-on learning and global career opportunities after graduation. Discover sought-after degrees at a fraction of the cost compared to other major study abroad destinations.

Why Study in Canada

  • Among the safest and most stable countries globally
  • Paid internships available to boost work experience
  • Post-study work visa up to 3 years after graduation
  • Excellent immigration prospects and pathways to permanent residency
  • Affordable world-class degrees at about half the cost of the US

Let us guide you in finding the right Canadian university to launch your global future in one of the happiest and most student-friendly countries.

United Kingdom – Home of World-Renowned Universities

With a long legacy of academic excellence spanning centuries, the UK is globally recognized for its world-leading universities that consistently rank among the highest internationally.

Pursuing your degree in the UK provides access to pioneering research, esteemed faculty, historic campuses and multicultural student cities. Study at the same prestigious institutions that have been educating pioneers and changemakers for generations.

Why Study in the UK

  • Home to 12 of the world’s top 100 universities
  • Undertakes 5% of global scientific research and produces 14% of the world’s most cited papers
  • Over 400,000 international students from 180 countries
  • Post-study work visa for up to 2 years after graduation

Unlock your potential at universities with centuries of reputation. Let us guide you to the perfect UK program and student experience.

Ireland – Gateway to Global Opportunities

Launch your international career from Ireland’s world-class universities at the forefront of research, innovation and global graduate employability.

Pursuing your degree in Ireland provides access to pioneering technology degrees, a thriving startup ecosystem and work opportunities after graduation. Enjoy a high quality of life in one of the friendliest and most peaceful countries.

Why Study in Ireland

  • Europe’s fastest growing economy and hub for tech multinationals
  • Globally recognized for high-quality scientific research
  • Post-study work visa for up to 2 years after graduation
  • All universities ranked in the top 5% globally

Let us unlock world-leading Irish education and post-study work prospects for your global future.

Australia – The Student Experience Capital

With an unbeatable lifestyle, welcoming spirit and globally eminent universities, Australia offers an unparalleled student experience.

Pursuing your degree in Australia provides access to research-intensive degrees recognized worldwide, a multicultural environment and an active outdoor lifestyle. You’ll enjoy world-class academics and endless options for work or immigration after graduation.

Why Study in Australia

  • Home to 7 of the world’s top 100 universities
  • Over 22,000 courses across 1,100 institutions
  • 7 of the best student cities globally (QS Rankings)
  • Over A$300 million in scholarships for international students

Let us guide you to the ideal Australian university and program for your needs. Discover the student experience of a lifetime.

Europe – Excellence and Diversity

With thousands of universities spanning diverse countries, Europe offers a wealth of high-quality, affordable options for international students.

Pursuing your degree in Europe provides access to degrees recognized worldwide, lower tuition fees, and cultures that shaped history and thought for centuries. Study surrounded by historic architecture, world-renowned museums and diverse flavors.

Why Study in Europe

  • 18 European universities rank among the world’s top 100
  • Multicultural hubs perfect for exploring the continent
  • Low tuition fees compared to English-speaking countries
  • Post-study work visas up to 2 years in many countries

Let us guide you to the ideal European destination and university to broaden your global perspectives.

New Zealand – The Natural Choice

With breath-taking natural beauty, a peaceful environment and world-class universities, New Zealand offers a high quality education and lifestyle.

Pursuing your degree in New Zealand provides access to globally-recognized qualifications, pioneering research across disciplines like agriculture and sustainability, and ample work or immigration prospects after you graduate.

Why Study in New Zealand

  • All 8 New Zealand universities rank in the top 3% globally
  • Over 20,000 international students from 160 countries
  • Stunning natural landscapes from majestic mountains to glowing glaciers
  • Post-study work visa for up to 3 years after graduation

Let the welcoming Kiwi spirit inspire your life-enriching study abroad journey. Discover the brilliance of New Zealand.

Asia – The Emerging Global Hub

As a rising force in education and rapid economic growth, Asia offers immense opportunities for international students seeking affordable degrees recognized worldwide.

Pursuing your degree in Asia provides access to reputed universities with ties to the West, low living costs and emerging global economies shaping the future. Immerse yourself in rich cultural heritage and diversity across the largest continent.

Why Study in Asia

  • 26 Asian universities rank among the global top 100
  • Affordable tuition fees and living costs
  • Gateway to universities in the US, UK and Australia
  • Degrees recognized worldwide from leading institutions

Let us help you gain global skills and immerse in diverse Asian cultures. Chart your study abroad journey.

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